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Hands of Fate 10/? (part 2)  
Still annoyed....just in case you were wondering. Moving on.

Part 2

The young woman looked around the small cabin as Sam carefully examined her shoulder, humming softly to herself.

She couldn't do much of anything with the bindings securing her to the chair except to look around. As soon as they got her to the hotel, Dean had sat her down in an old wooden kitchen chair, tied her up and went to clean the blood from the backseat. That had left her with Sam, the small distraction of being tended to garnering her attention for a moment. After that she had let her eyes wander.

This will have to do until I can get our kit out of the trunk. Hotel first aid kits don't really cover bullet removal,” Sam commented, pressing a gauze pad to her now exposed shoulder.

Most wouldn't,” Urd muttered. She groaned at the pressure on her shoulder, closing her eyes. “At least not in this country.”

Sorry.” Sam examined the wound, replacing the pad as he reached for the bottle of peroxide he had found in his duffel. “Not really the best doctor in town.”

Ya make due with what ya got.” Urd's eyes opened slowly as she chuckled softly, shaking her head. “I owe you a new tie. And your brother owes me a new shirt.”

Sam looked up at the sound of the door behind him as Urd began humming what sounded like a Led Zeppelin song.

The backseat is cleaned up so we don't have to worry about anyone seeing the blood inside,” Dean stated as he came in, locking the door behind him. “How's the prisoner?”

Still bleeding. Thanks for asking,” Urd blurted out as she looked his way.

Dean ignored the comment and tossed his brother a small black bag before heading for the laptop on the table.

If I'm a prisoner, do I get a phone call?” she questioned calmly.

Dean chuckled as he sat down, opening the computer. “No.”

You're not a good captor, ya know that?” Urd muttered, watching Sam pull what he needed from the black bag.

Don't care.” He watched the home screen come up, pulling his tie and coat off. “You haven't called Bobby yet, have you?”

Urd's humming stopped at the name Bobby, her eyes zeroing in on Dean.

Not yet. Wanted to try stopping the bleeding and patching her up before I called him. Unless you want to explain a blood stain on the carpet,” Sam replied calmly.

Not really.”

Urd kept her eyes on Dean as the young man grabbed his cellphone, watching him like a hawk. She squinted slightly and cocked her head as she examined him a moment longer. A look of realization crossed her face and her gaze finally shifted to Sam at her shoulder.

Dean caught the odd behavior but shrugged it off as he scrolled through the contact list on his phone and dialed Bobby.

Two rings and the gruff voice answered with the usual “friendly” greeting they got when calling. “Yeah?”

Hey, Bobby.” Dean sat back, glancing toward the captive woman. “How's the research going?”

Slow.” The older man's voice was even as he spoke, Dean clearly seeing Bobby's ever present scowl in his mind. “You calling to check up on me, boy?”

Nope. Just calling with news,” Dean answered.

There was a pause on the line before Bobby spoke again. “News?”

We got a name talking to a woman in town.” Dean's eyes shifted to the blonde, giving her a grin when she looked his way. “The blonde goes by the name Nona.”

Nona?” Dean could hear what he thought was a hint of surprise in the man's voice at the name. “You sure?”

Yup.” He watched the young woman examine Sam's medical skills, thankful she wasn't talking for once. “We can't get the other names from her though.”

What are you talking about?”

Dean looked at the computer screen, pulling up a search browser. “We managed to catch little miss Nona. But only after she managed to blow something up with her two friends.”

Bobby was beginning to sound a little on edge, Dean's ears picking up the slight change in the older man's voice. “You caught her?”

Yeah. We spotted her in a local bookstore.” Dean typed the name Nona into the browser, stopping short of hitting enter when he heard a quick hiss come from the woman. “She literally threw us without touching us before we caught her though.”

So she's there right now?” Bobby questioned.

Dean tapped the enter key before he got up to take a closer look at Sam's patient. “Yup. Sam is just patching her up.”

The edge in Bobby's voice became clearly evident to Dean's ears, the tone one he had heard before with their dad. “Patching her up?”

Dean suddenly felt like he was ten again. “We chased her into an alley and she looked like she was going to do something to us again so I shot her.”

You shot her!?”

Now Dean really felt like a child as both Sam and the young woman looked at him. He hadn't realized how loud Bobby's reply had been until the two sets of eyes landed on him.

Ooo. You're in trouble,” Urd grinned.

I wasn't going to have her throw us again. Or worse,” Dean defended.

Urd settled into her chair as Sam began to prepare her shoulder to remove the bullet. “I wasn't going to throw you, Winchester. I was pushing my hair back.”

Dean was about to say something back to her when he froze, eying her suspiciously. “How did you know my last name?”

Her reply was a knowing smile, her gaze moving toward the cellphone.

Dean? You still there?”

Dean cleared his throat and returned to the phone. “Yeah, I'm still here.”

Put the phone next to her ear, boy,” Bobby said.

The request threw Dean for a loop, his brow knitting. “What?”

I didn't stutter. Put the phone by her ear,” the older man repeated. “I wanna ask her something.”

The confusion on Dean's face never ebbed as he placed the phone against the young woman's ear, Sam giving him a questioning look. His only reply was a shrug to his younger brother.

Urd stayed quiet as it was placed at her ear, finally clearing her throat. She took an even breath, pushing her cheek into the phone. “Hello?”

They couldn't hear what was said but noticed their captive smile as she straightened. “What do you ask of Fated Past?”

The blue eyes moved from Sam to Dean and she nodded, her smile lighting her eyes. “Well, Sam is. Dean is another story.” She paused, pursing her lips for a moment. “In the shoulder. Consecrated iron.” Another pause. “I apologized before I pulled the strings. Fight or flight and you know I don't like the former when I can avoid it. Just didn't know Dean was trigger happy.”

Sam raised an eyebrow at the one-sided conversation and returned to his work.

Yes.” She paused, looking at Dean. “He wants to talk to you.”

Dean's face fell as he brought the phone to his ear. “Yeah?”

Untie her,” Bobby ordered. “And don't aim your gun at her. She will hurt you if you do.”

Untie her?” Dean caught himself before he ended up yelling into the phone. “She's killed people, Bobby.”

Urd sighed, shaking her head. “Against my will.”

She ain't the bad guy, ya idjit,” Bobby shot back.

Dean stared at the young woman and got a serene smile in return. “She's not?”

Listen to the Bobby for he is wise,” Urd commented. She grinned wide as Sam stitched up her wound. “Him and his trucker hats.”

I know her, Dean. Hell, she's helped me more times than I can count. She ain't the bad guy,” Bobby explained.

Dean couldn't hide the surprise in is voice. “You know her?”

Sam coughed in surprise, nearly dropping the needle in his hand. “What?”

I knew him before your dad did,” she proudly stated. “Known Bobby for years.”

Both men watched her quietly as she sat there grinning.

Urd can be trusted,” Bobby chimed in Dean's ear.

Stop arguing with the man and untie me,” she interrupted, huffing. “My nose itches.”

I thought her name was Nona?” Dean questioned.

That's one name she goes by,” Bobby answered. “Take my advice, boy, and untie her before she gets annoyed and pulls your strings again. If you boys are nice to her, she'll talk to you. But you haven't exactly gotten on her good side by shooting her.”

Thanks for the news flash on that one.” Dean huffed as he looked at the blonde. “She's been running her mouth since I shot her.”

Bobby laughed at the comment, Dean not feeling any better at the sound. “She does that. You'll learn quick with her.”

Dean hung up with a roll of his eyes, his gaze shifting to the young woman in the chair.

Sam finished, cleaning up as he packed their kit up. “So he knows her?”

Looks like it. Said she's helped him out before,” Dean muttered.

Urd remained quiet as the boys talked, her eyes moving back and forth between them.

I guess that would explain why Bobby didn't say anything when I called him before.” Sam stood, tossing the black kit on the couch. “What were you saying about her name?”

Dean rolled the cellphone over in his hand, nodding toward their guest. “Bobby called her Urd not Nona.”

Because Urd is my name.” She leveled her gaze at the pair, sighing. “Can we get on with the untying? I'm starting to get a cramp.”

I still don't trust you,” Dean stated.

And I don't trust you with a gun. I guess that makes us even,” she shot back.

Sam brought the pending argument to a halt with a yell, both sets of eyes on him. “That's enough. Both of you.”

The pair stared at Sam quietly like two kids who just got caught stealing candy.

I know you don't trust her, Dean, and I don't blame you. But Bobby does and he's never steered us wrong before,” Sam offered.

Dean thought for a moment, eying her suspiciously. “I want to know what she is first.”

Past,” Urd muttered. She took an even breath, her head cocking slightly. “You could just ask.”

Fair enough. “ Sam turned to Urd, pointing toward the ropes. “You aren't going to throw us again if we untie you, are you?”

Urd shook her head with a heavy sigh. “Not unless you shoot me again.”

Sam's eyes moved toward Dean and got a heavy, exasperated sigh in return. “That's fair enough.”

Dean headed to the sofa and sat down while Sam headed for the laptop. He glared at the woman across from him, crossing his arms over his chest. “How'd you do that anyway?”

Urd gave him a smile. “I pulled your string.”

His glare continued as Sam sat down and slid his finger across the touch-pad to wake the machine. “Whatever that means.”

You're just a ray of sunshine, ya know that?” she mumbled.

Sam studied the computer screen quietly for a moment, his jaw setting. “Dean."

The other man got to his feet and made his way toward his brother. “Did the name come up?”

Sam nodded, looking at the screen. “You could say that.”

Urd watched the pair quietly as she sat in her bindings.

Nona: The Fate who spins the thread of life; counterpart of Greek Clotho,” Dean read aloud. He glanced over his shoulder briefly then continued. “Companion sister to Decima and Morta. She, along with her sisters, formed the Parcae/ Moirae.”

The Fates.” Sam stared at the words on the screen, taking a deep breath. “The three beings who control the destiny of gods and men.”

Urd sighed as the two looked her way. “I told you I pulled your strings.”

And you're Bobby's friend?” Sam questioned.

She replied with a nod.

And you befriended the little girl?” he questioned again.

She gave another nod. “But I gave her an easier name to say. Ironically, its the same name I utterly hate but oh well.”

So we're dealing with the Fates? The actual, weavers of destiny Fates,” Dean muttered.

Urd took a deep breath. “Yes, you are.”

You have got to be kidding me.” Dean motioned to the young woman in the chair. “Bobby knows an actual Fate?”

Yes,” Urd chimed in. Her smile fell a tiny bit as Dean glared at her, her brow knitting in confusion. “You asked, I answered.”

Sam looked at the screen, nodding slowly as he opened a link. “Looks like it.”

Dean's green eyes traveled to their guest, his tone serious. “How do we kill her?”

Urd shook her head. “You can't.”

She's right, Dean.” Sam turned in his chair, glancing toward Urd. “You can't kill Fate.”

But you can wound us with iron rounds. Just look at my shoulder,” Urd muttered dryly. “Way to go with that one, Dean.”

Sam got up and moved to Urd's chair, looking back at his brother. “We know what she is now. Deal was you find out what she is, she gets untied.”

Dean rolled his eyes, throwing up his hands as he headed toward the motel table. “I still don't trust her, Sam.”

Deal is a deal.” Sam looked down at Urd, getting a small nod from her before he moved behind her chair. “We aren't going to leave her tied up.”

Can we get a gag for her then?”

Sam worked the knots that held her back against the chair, speaking to her calmly as he freed her. “So the other two?”

My sisters. Personally, I'm glad I was shot and not them.” She glanced toward Dean, an edge to her voice. “Verdandi would have kicked your ass.”

Dean slid into Sam's vacated seat and looked over the computer screen. “Nice name.”

Sam pulled the ropes at her hands loose before stepping back to give her room. “The names you use, those are Norse.”

Urd rubbed her wrists gently but didn't get up, settling into the chair. “You humans, as a whole, have always been interesting to us. Annoying when it comes to names but still interesting. You call us gods, marveling at our abilities, and put us on pedestals with strange names. All except your Norse.”

Dean glanced up from the computer screen briefly as Sam listened almost intently to the woman.

True they gave us odd names but they didn't put us on a pedestal like others. We weren't some “never tarnished, golden glowing” goddesses. We get rough, we get dirty, and they knew that.” Urd grinned at the young man, her voice lowering. “We liked the Norse.”

An amazed look crossed Sam's face as he quickly shot Dean a glance before looking back at her. “You're pretty much a walking witness to history?”

Bobby calls me his historical expert,” Urd explained. She folded her hands in her lap, looking kindly at the man. “Helps when you've seen what I have.”

The boys were silent as she watched them, each one looking as though they were weighing her words.

Urd recognized the expression on their faces, she had seen it before with Bobby. True, it had been years but she still knew the look. Amazement mixed with confusion and utter disbelief clouded the handsome features. While Dean's face didn't show it, she caught the flash in his eyes that said otherwise.

You're confused. Bobby was the same way.” Her voice was calm as she spoke, both men looking at her. “Most humans are when they come across us, especially the hunters.”

We don't trust you,” Dean said evenly.

After everything, that's fair enough because, buddy, I ain't trusting you not to shoot me again.” She rose from her chair, being careful of her shoulder. “But I'm not the bad guy, Dean.”

Dean said nothing but the look in his eyes was less than trustworthy.

Urd was silent for a moment as she looked around the cabin. She considered the current situation and the two men before her, shaking her head slightly. Her lips pursed as her eyes went back to the young men.

I've tried since my sisters and myself came to this town to find a way out,” she stated. She straightened, taking an even breath. “I've reached the end of my ideas.”

Dean raised an eyebrow, Sam staring at her curiously. “What are you talking about?”

She walked over to the pair, the sarcasm that she had leveled toward Dean replaced by a seriousness that threw the hunters for a loop. “My last option was to call Bobby for help while avoiding you two. Didn't know you were his boys until you mentioned him.”

Sam looked down at the woman who now stood in front of him, confusion in his voice. “What are you saying?”

I'll tell you everything I know, answer any question you have. But there is a condition,” Urd replied.

Dean's eyes narrowed at the word “condition”, his arms crossing and his voice lowering as he glared. “What condition?”

Her expression was dead serious as she looked at Dean, carefully leaning over the table to look him in the eye. “You help us.”

Chapter 11

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