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2035-07-12 05:00 pm

Hands of Fate Master Post

Hands of Fate – R 
When a small town's death rate suddenly jumps, Sam and Dean take what they think is their standard job. But when they come face to face with the creatures behind it all, things take a turn. Now the problem for the boys is how do you stop deaths from happening when you can't stop what's behind them?

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2011-11-20 07:06 pm
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2011-11-20 06:58 pm

Hands of Fate 18/? (Part 1)

And yet another chapter I have to split in 2 parts.
Chapter 18 (Part 1) )

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2011-08-06 12:15 pm

Hands of Fate 17/?

And here's is Chapter 17. Megan, you may like this one...

Chapter 17 )
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2011-06-21 01:20 pm

Hands of Fate 16/?

Took a while but here it is...


Chapter 16 )

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2011-04-29 12:54 pm

Hands of Fate 15/?

Just a little author's note: I wrote this chapter LONG before the Fate episode was aired. I watched said episode and felt like crying. Enjoy my pain!

Chapter 15 )
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2011-03-15 09:53 pm

Hands of Fate 14/?

And here's 14. Chapter 14 )
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2011-01-26 11:03 am

Hands of Fate 13/?

Took a while with my job becoming an issue but I've made it past the "Chapter 12 Curse"!



Chapter 13 )



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2010-11-02 11:51 am

Hands of Fate 12/?

It took a while since life decided to throw more at me than usual but here it is...

Chapter 12 )

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2010-07-26 01:37 pm

Hands of Fate 11/? (Part 1)

For those of you, and you know who you are, pounding the refresh key, I give you chapter 11. Enjoy!

Chapter 11, part 1 )

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2010-06-28 05:49 pm

Hands of Fate 10/? (part 2)

Still annoyed....just in case you were wondering. Moving on.

Chapter 10 part 2 )

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2010-06-28 05:40 pm

Hands of Fate 10/? (part 1)

Right now, I'm not happy with LJ at all. First, it takes me 3 days to post chapter 10. If that wasn't enough, I had to post it the extremely long way. Now, I have to cut it in half to actually get it up. Yeah, I'm gonna kill this damn site. The trio will be proud.

Chapter 10 part 1 )


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2010-06-13 11:23 pm

Hands of Fate 9/?

Life showed its ugly head and put me posting this on the back burner. Also, my beta is missing so please excuse any typos and grammer issues you find.


Chapter 9 )

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2010-04-12 10:49 am

Hands of Fate 8/?

And FINALLY on to Chapter 8...


Chapter 8 )


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2010-03-22 12:43 pm

Hands of Fate 7/?

 This is the last finished chapter so far. I'm still working on it, writing when life gives me the chance, so I'll be posting chapters as soon as they get finished. Enjoy!


Chapter 7 )
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2010-03-22 12:34 pm

Hands of Fate 6/?

It keeps going and going...

Chapter 6 )
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2010-03-22 12:10 pm

Hands of Fate 5/?

It just keeps going. Thank god I can hide my notebook for this and work on it at my job.

Chapter 5 )